Dynamic Model to Assess Organizational Readiness during Information System Implementation

Sabtu, 30 Juli 2016 | 12:25:18 WIB - Jumlah Dilihat: 566

ABSTRACT This paper presents a methodology for assessing an organisation’s readiness to implement an information system (IS). We use the technique of fuzzy cognitive maps which draws on the theory of Neural Networks. The techniques comprising the model have been used in many applications, but their use in the planning of change management projects is relatively new. The paper explains the theory, presents a numerical example, and suggests practical uses of the model. ASSESSING ORGANISATION READINE SS SITUATION WITH FCM Step 1: Determining Scope of Information System Step2: Determining Effective Factors Step3: Constructing the Model Step 4: Assessing Situation of Each Factor Step 5: Assessing Readiness CONCLUSION In this short paper we have shown how to take all the disorganized opinions, estimates and knowledge of internal and external company experts and organize that knowledge into a logical and precise mathematical model. The model has significant practical and commercial value for consultants and companies. We are only starting to look at examining the effects of changing different


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